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Boltell is a tech-savvy company with a focus on emerging technologies and building out next-generation software. We are a team of young, energetic and talented professionals that revel in challenges andgetting things done.

Our distinguishing feature is that our work environment breeds technology innovation, iterative product development and a rapid time-to- market methodology. Our product-building initiatives include building our own e-commerce products, enabling offline brands get online with our ecommerce platform and supply-chain support services. We also excitedly partner with other high-technology start-ups to help them realize their product goals.

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What we do?

Customer Acquisition

It's all about online marketing we want to have the lowest cost of customer acquisition in India.

Customer Buying Experience

You can use this theme as is, or you can make changes!

Post Sales Experience for the Customer

The customer has excellent post-sales experience.


The Boltell team is headed by its founder, Srinivasan Seshadri (Sesh), and a team that consists of several talented individuals. There are decades of collective start-up experience in the teams, that have educational backgrounds from premier institutions, and have built and deployed several products successfully. We are backed by angel investors from several leading companies.

Sesh started his career in research and academia, and is now a successful serial-entrepreneur having built start-ups both in India and in the US. Sesh has significant expertise in internet technologies, and is a well-known database and information retrieval researcher. He spent the initial part of his career in academia and research, first at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and then at Bell Labs, Murray Hill. Subsequently, Sesh returned to India as the founding CEO of Strand Genomics (now Strand Life Sciences). Thereafter, Sesh joined Yahoo, India as it founding CTO. Most recently, Sesh was the CTO of Kosmix, a Bay Area start-up, that was acquired by Walmart.

Sesh holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technolgy, Chennai and has a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Boltell is located in Bangalore, India. Our address is as follows:

55/1, Ground Floor, Curley Street,Langford Road, Bangalore - 560025

Telephone: +91 80 2286 007